After getting into shape with my fitness regime at Lomax Gym (I'm 10kg down and starting to feel myself again), I had the motivation to tackle my pre-wedding beauty regime.


When it comes to beauty, I'm actually a very low maintenance kind of girl (maybe too low maintenance especially since I started fashion label Maids to Measure), so the thought of everything I should really do pre-wedding is slightly daunting!

Luckily, in the lead up to the wedding, Sapphire Pink have put a list together for me of *everything* I should be doing. Bridget was slightly upset that I just use face wipes every evening to take my make-up off, so she organised for me to have my first facial and has given me lots of testers from Elemental Herbology and Bamford Bath & Body to try. I'm now slightly obsessed! I have also booked Sapphire Pink for the day before the wedding; the team will make sure that my bridesmaids and I can have our spray tans, manis, pedis and everything beauty related in one go - it'll be like a mini spa at home!


Make-up wise, I have always used Ana Ospina for shoots; she is simply amazing… Her airbrush foundation is just brilliant - I have no idea how she does it but she makes any skin look like a peach! I'm also very lucky to have bridesmaids and friends who are make-up artists, which will come in very handy with 13 bridesmaids! Sara Duffy Make-up is based in Ireland and Camilla Tew does all the make-up at Sky news and has an amazing knack of creating a flawless look. I've recently got back from holiday with Camilla, which was very handy - we did mini trials testing different looks every day! My latest make-up love is Studio 10, which is all about contouring and highlighting.


For lashes, Hannah at Love Lash is fantastic. She did my lashes pre-hen do and I loved the look she created; natural but effective and totally in tune with my lazy self (after a treatment, I can wake up with what looks like perfectly mascara-coated, thick lashes!).

Hair is another mine field! My hair has always been very thick, long and frizzy so it takes a strong hand to tame it! I have been lucky enough to do lots of events and shoots with Michael Van Clarke and the Hepburn Collection who are artists in their own right. I have also discovered a new product; Argan Beauty Hair serum made my hair super smooth from the first use, so smooth in fact that I've just ordered their skin moisturiser in the hope it might do the same.


For colour, I'm very lucky to have Marcus Mihell on my wedding door step. He's the only person that actually manages to colour my hair as I picture it and based in Hardy Hair Salon in Southsea, the perfect place to go on the morning of the wedding. As there will be 13 of us getting prepped on the day, hair and make-up at home would be too much so we're all going to the salon to make the most of their blow dry bar with cocktails and music. We just have to make sure we don't over do it early on! Pre-wedding I'm having my hair cut at RYS hair salon in Knightsbridge as their thermal scissor trim means the heated edge seals the cuticles and protects the hair.

Last but not least Strip!!! I've always been a regular there but this time, I'm having their full bridal package the week before the wedding - which includes their new Wow Brow.

If I don't look half decent after all this, then I have no chance!