I love the idea of having a 'confetti moment' on my wedding day and to make sure this happens, I've ordered a generous amount of natural delphinium petals from the lovely people at Shropshire Petals.

MORE CONFETTI IDEAS Their petals are handpicked and air-dried so they maintain their vibrant colour and since they're completely biodegradable, the venue is happy for guests to shower us with them after the ceremony. There's a huge selection of beautiful petals on the website to choose from and you can combine varieties to create a bespoke mix.

I've fallen in love with the Summer Nights combo, which is a muddle of 'candy floss' pink, 'frosted blue' and 'icing sugar' cream delphinium petals. It's delicate, summery and will coordinate with my wedding day look perfectly.

MORE FROM OUR BRIDE-TO-BE BLOG 1 litre of delphiniums provides around 10 handfuls of throwing confetti - so I've done the maths and worked out how much I'm going to need. With 150 guests, that's quite a lot!

There are baskets and confetti cones available to buy through the website, so I'll be buying as many baskets as I have bridesmaids and ask them to distribute the confetti on the day. Then of course it's down to the photographer to capture the scene.

PLANNING YOUR WEDDING? START HERE... Pictured: Bo Peep basket filled with green cones and Summer Nights Confetti; 1 litre of Summer Nights Natural Delphinium Petal Confetti, £9.99; www.shropshirepetals.com; 01952 691553