I think I may be the only person in history to have been sacked by their personal trainer, but somehow I managed it.


Since starting Maids to Measure I've not had any spare time, let alone time to hit the gym or make healthy lunches. Before I knew it, three stone had leapt - not crept - on. As much as Andrew has reassured me he loves me just the way I am, I do feel bad that I've only worn black this last year.

Like many others, this is a sensitive subject for me; I've been putting this post off for a while. The very thought of going to a bridal boutique terrifies me, and the thought of not liking what I see the first time I ever try on a wedding dress is rather upsetting.


Now, let me set the record straight: I'm not saying you need to be thin to be happy, or to look good in a wedding dress. No. The sexiest women I know and admire are curvy; but I do need to lose the extra weight and a wedding is the perfect excuse (and motivation) to get fit.

With only seven months to go, I turn to the very best for help. First up: Lomax. I've walked past the trendy Lomax gym more times than I care to count, but I've finally joined. Passing the threshold alone makes me feel like I've already lost a stone!

Johnny made me feel at ease straight away and those first-day-at-school nerves disappeared pretty quickly. I was taken through a routine of exercise and movements which allowed Johnny to access me and see what I need most. What I most loved was that we didn't really talk about weight loss, we focust on my strengths weaknesses and the areas I would need to concentrate on to become fit, lean and healthy.


I was assigned Dan, who specialises in transformations (even the word gets me excited). Motivation is something I've never felt before, but it is absolutely thrilling. I'm also speaking to their nutritionist next week, too. I feel like I'm on track and look forward to writing a fitness diary with them to track my progress on their website and keep me accountable.

Food-wise, I've signed up to Honestly Healthy; their no-excuse-healthy-eating routine is perfect for busy people. I wake up to find an exciting package on my doorstep with all my food for the day. Only a week in and I'm sure my skin has a new glow, is that possible? Whilst I probably won't do this for the full seven months ahead of w-day, it has been a brilliant kick start to the alkaline way of life.

All I need now is to find a local barre class, and I'll be ready and confident to face that all important wedding dress shopping...


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