"Eyebrows are like the frame on a painting," says Shavata as we sit in Shavata Brow Studio, the brow guru's new signature studio which just opened in Knightsbridge on July 1st (she was previously at Urban Retreat in Harrods).

"The frame is there silently to make the painting look its best," Shavata continues.


Good eyebrows can transform your face, bringing out the best of your features; yet very often people can't put their finger on what has changed. And so, it goes without saying that perfecting the perfect arch is essential pre-wedding day prep.

"It's so funny, you get some people coming in one year before the wedding," says Shavata, "they don't touch their eyebrows themselves and let me work on them. Then others come in two days before and expect miracles!"

I'm afraid to say I fall closer to the latter category. With two months to go I find myself under the bright lights of Shavata's studio, hoping for a quick fix. On the upside my brows are suffering from neglect rather than over-plucking - I'm a fan of threading and thus far haven't found anyone in Santiago who does it.


An appointment with Shavata starts with a small inquest: first she asks your age, then your job, then a bit about you in general. More like going for an eyebrow fitting, this is certainly not your standard five-minute fix.

"Eyebrows become more important the older you get," Shavata tells me. "At your age you could wear a paper bag over your head and still look fabulous."

I'll happily take the compliment, but I don't think I'll take her advice on this one!

With twenty-five years of experience, Shavata's method when it comes to eyebrows includes a mixture of waxing, threading and plucking. "That's my thing," she says. "If you want just one of the others, there I have other therapists who can step in and do just threading for example."


The main changes she makes to my "frame" is to even out the width, reducing the difference in thickness between one end and the other. Plus, the addition of a bit of tint to darken the sun-bleached strands.

So, I'm fitting in as many sessions as possible before the most photographed day of my life, with my last session one week before The Big Day. The plan is to try out some Semi-permanent Lash Extensions, and perhaps an eyelash tint. That way I can emerge from the pool on honeymoon without looking like a panda (watch this spot for details of the honeymoons, and yes that is honeymoons with an "s": minimoon in Turkey and maximoon in Peru).

And just one last note for the non-Londoners - Shavata has thirteen stores across the U.K., including Edinburgh, Birmingham and Bristol.


Shavata; 60 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbirdge, SW231NZ; www.shavata.co.uk