What girl doesn't love shoes? It's certainly one of my favourite topics - and a wedding area where more than one purchase is allowed (and by 'allowed' I mean 'necessary'.)

I mean, there is the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception and the day after to think of. Given more time I'm sure I can think of more new shoe-requiring moments...


In the spirit of restraint though, I do already have a pair of heels I love and will wear: Freya Rose's Albertine Gold heels. They are the only shoes I can dance all night in, and what makes them even better is Freya's extensive collection of shoe clips which means I can reinvent the shoes every time.

Freya luxurious footwear is known for her exquisite embroidery - couture shoes, if you will. She also has a ready-to-wear collection perfect for at-the-moment-purchases and a bespoke service, too, which can cater for your every need and whim.

Emmy is another very talented shoe designer I adore. Her vintage-inspired designs and killer beading are both to die for. She also has matching accessories, so you really can't go wrong.


Ivory shoes, although very 'bridal', are not my cup of tea. I would hate to only ever wear them once, and this way they can be my 'special occasion' shoes as well.

Other viable - and fashionable - options include wedding industry newcomer Charlotte Mills. Her shoes are fun and fabulous - I already have my eye on a pair of pale gold heels.

There is also Harriet Wilde - another luxurious shoe designer worthy of worship. Her designs are very on trend - thing Chatilly boots, sheer lace and tulle panels - whilst still being classic and beautiful.

I hesitate to make any final decisions because I have yet to choose my dress. (If you are reading this, please please please don't leave it as late as me!) Whilst my lack of dress keeps me up at night, I know that in the shoe department at least I have lots of lovely options just waiting to be made!