2015 couldn't be more exciting, but before we get to The Big Day, there are lots of rather significant decisions that need to be made. T-minus three months, people!


First up on the to-do list: Invitations. Must get the invites out, otherwise it might just be Andrew and I there. I know it's a small wedding, but not that small! Erin from BerinMade has sent me some amazing proofs for all things paper-related, so all I need to do is decide on which of her amazing designs we are going to use.

Then: The gift list. Have to get a move on with our Patchwork Present. After looking around endlessly, we've decided this is the most personal way to help fund our dream honeymoon. Just need to pin down exactly what that entails…

Videographer: Here, I am afraid to say, I am at a loss. The ones I love are either too expensive or already booked, so the search continues...


Final fittings for my maids: Naturally at the Maids to Measure studio. The reality of having 13 bridesmaids is suddenly hitting hard, especially as a few of them live abroad. I'm also having personalised Hanna Bears made for each of them as gifts, so I need to get these ordered ASAP.

The boys: With the wedding being so casual and laid-back, we're not sure what the men ought to wear. Thankfully, top wedding planner Bruce Russell has come to the rescue and is going to take Andrew on a shopping spree so I'm confident this will be sorted fairly soon.

Itinerary: One thing I don't want on the day is to be preoccupied with making sure everything is in the right place at the right time. I don't want my mother doing it either; I want us both to enjoy the day as much as possible. That is where Anna of Bride and Glory comes in. She'll be there to coordinate everything, but first I need to figure out a basic itinerary for her.


Pre-wedding beauty prep: Booking in all my pre-wedding treatments the week before. Not going to lie, this could take a while!

The legal side: Now that the notice period required for a wedding is longer - 28 days, to be precise - we have to stay in Portsmouth for seven nights to get our residency and post our banns etc. I should really move this to the top of the list…

Finally, and most obviously, the one task which I have yet to mention: The dress. By far the toughest decision of all. That for another time though, watch this space!


Our bride-to-be blogger, Sinclair Sellars, will be blogging about her wedding woes and triumphs ahead of her big day. Her blogs are posted every other Monday, so be sure to check back here for her latest update.