This week's wedding planning mission is finding bridesmaid's dresses. I still can't decide whether to go for matching, mix-and-match or to give them free rein.

Same cut, different colour? Same colour, different cut? Same same same? The issue is that the bridesmaids come in different shapes and sizes, so putting them all in the same thing seems wrong.


Plus, I can't help feeling that having to wear the same get-up has a "school uniform" vibe about it.

We've all seen our share of bridesmaid dress disasters. Hoisting up, spilling over, general bulging out - you name it, it happens at weddings across the country.

No wonder, it's a minefield finding something that works for four different sets of vital statistics.

The list of style and colours is endless. It's definitely a case of too many choices, rather than too few (click here and see what I mean).


Yes, I know, four seems like quite a large number of bridesmaids… but it's by no means record breaking, many a bride has outfitted far more fair maids.

Another thing to consider is that adding four additional dresses to the wedding budget is a little stressful. Which brings up another issue: is it normal to pay for the bridesmaids' dresses?

A little session on google confirms that no, the accepted norm is for bridesmaids to pay for their own dress. Unless, of course, your budget is somewhat elastic.

Yet take away the funding, and surely you take away some of the power to say what they should wear? Perhaps I will start by gently "suggesting" a shade and see what happens...