Thank goodness for the Internet. Planning a wedding from Chile without being able to make reservations online would make for a very minimal wedding… and quite possibly no wedding at all!


Luckily, it's all a-go in cyber space and this week's progress comes in the form of wedding invitations which, I'm very happy to say, are now done and dusted. In the end, we went with The Letter Press of Cirencester; a personal recommendation from one of my bridesmaids, Charlotte, who worked there on her gap year.

After trolling through options online, we decided to go for something a little unusual. Well, if I'm honest, I did. Stepping away from the classic A5 card wedding invitation with swirly font, I wanted something a little different: something smaller, more ornate and hopefully more intriguing.


Someone once told me that the wedding invitation, as the first impression of the event, should give a taster of what's to come. So, no pressure then! Basically, I wanted something that people open and think "ah what's this" not "oh another wedding invitation".

So, my overactive imagination has stepped up to the task and I've decided to add a little something to the invitations. We went for the Ottoman Style (see photo) in the small card form, without ribbons. And the idea is that guests will open the gold tissue paper lined envelope, pull out a 6 by 4 card and find a wax seal on one corner imprinted with G&T (our initials). Oh là là, right?! Watch this spot for pictures of the finished product…


Now, by "done and dusted" I mean we've ordered the invitations. We haven't written, sealed, stamped, addressed and posted them yet. Six weeks ahead of the date is the general consensus for sending them out, and I'm happy to stick with that. I must say it seems a little late especially for an August wedding, but it suits me when I'm still waiting for the invitations to arrive in Chile.

That's why we spent all that time sending off Save the Dates, I suppose. I'm not letting the thought enter my mind that Save the Dates make the actual invitations a little redundant… somewhat more decorative than informative. It's all part of the fun of wedding planning!


And speaking of planning a wedding in Latin America, I happen to be off to Mexico tomorrow for the wedding of another bridesmaid, Nikki, who is marrying her Mexican sweetheart, Carlos. The wedding is in Mexico rather than back in the UK. Full details to come...