Are you getting married on 29th July 2017? If so, maybe you can help us build a vibrant picture of what it looks like to wed in Britain today. How are you doing it? With 600 guests or just the two of you; to the man or woman you have loved for a lifetime - or to someone you met just last week? Are you planning a marriage of different cultures, following tradition... or breaking them all? Are you exchanging your vows in a church, on a British beach, or up a mountain? Whatever it is, however you're doing it, we would love you to get in touch.


This project marks the very first collaboration between Condé Nast Brides and wedding bloggers Nu Bride and Bridal Musings, which began after we all met for dinner last year. Between the three of us, we have a global social media reach of more than seven million, so what better way to come together and connect with you than with this one-time-only invite?

And we really do want to come to your wedding - not to eat all the food and drink all the fizz - but to see how this incredible day has come together for you.

So, if you like the idea of being featured with us, fill out our form here.

You have until 25th May to file your interest, when we will create a shortlist of weddings we'd like to visit and get back to you no later than 23rd June.

Do it - and help us show the world how the Brits marry in style. Good luck!