It's the most indulgent holiday of your life… so how should you spend it?

Trekking up a mountain? Restaurant and bar hopping in a vibrant city? Lazing on a tropical island? Or perhaps gazing out of your suite at nothing but blue sea? Well, thanks to Brides, you dilemma is over. Because every year we compile a round-up of the hottest destinations to bring you our Honeymoon Guide, in association with the Turquoise Holiday Company. (And yes, we visit them all, so you can be sure they're as amazing as we say they are.)

With 100 global bolt-holes at your fingertips - from new hotels to forever-chic classics, adventure holidays to beach retreats - you're sure to discover where you want to spend those precious weeks, and what to do when you're there. All you need to do is pack!

Happy honeymoon!

Top Indian Ocean Honeymoons

Divine Views

Adventure Escapes

Cultural Wonders

Sexy Cities

Ultimate Minimoons

As seen in the September/October 2012 issue of Brides