It is traditional for the best man, the bride's father and the groom to make speeches, but what about the bride? Increasingly brides are choosing to make their own speeches, so if you feel like standing up and having your say then look to our list of tips for guidance: 1. You don't need to feel nervous. Inevitably you'll have a few butterflies, but remember that the people at your reception are those you know and love, so nobody will mind if you slip up. 2. Don't feel you have to make it last forever. Even if you just say a few thank yous your guests will appreciate the gesture. 3. Try to listen out for any thank yous that the previous three speechmakers have missed. This way you can add them into your own speech so that everyone gets counted. 4. Finally, enjoy yourself! The fact is, this is your big day, so for once you can do whatever you want!