How To Get Married Like A Blogger

When we asked some of the UK's biggest bloggers to join us for the opening night of Brides the Show 2017 with the ultimate Q&A, they certainly didn't disappoint. Alessandra Steinherr, Zoe London, Jody Shield and Belle & Bunty all took to the stage. Brides Editor, Jade Beer, chaired the panel in the Design Studio, with the influencers answering questions from a packed floor of Friday-night guests.


If you're worried, stressed, confused (or all of the above) when it comes to wedmin, the bloggers had some words of wisdom to share. "It's ok to worry!" says Jody Shield, meditation guru (and yet another bride-to-be!). "When I got engaged, all my commitment issues came up. Nobody talks about that, but those feelings are OK!"

Or, you could take Alessandra Steinherr, beauty director of Glamour magazine's more hands-on approach: "I eloped! I ran away! Best thing I ever did."

Blogger Zoe London was equally frank: "I have blue hair, I'm not a trad bride, but once I stopped worrying about having to do it a certain way I felt much happier. Do what feels right for you."

Of course, we had to ask the panel about one thing: The Dress. Finding the perfect gown is often a source of serious stress, but what tips did the panel have?

"Take the pressure off yourself," said bloggers and bridal designers Belle & Bunty. "It's not all about just one day, so see it as the first of many great days!"

As for the accompanying make-up look? "You're paying, so don't let a make-up artist pressure you - this is your day," says Alessandra. "Trials are very important: speak up, bring pictures of whoever you love, and remember you want your groom to recognise the girl walking down the aisle!"

If there's one thing all our panel know about, it's social media. But would they Snapchat, Insta-story and live-Tweet their own wedding?

"I'm very prolific on social media, but not with my personal life," explains Alessandra.

"Going insta-free? Give it a go!" was Belle & Bunty's advice.

The biggest takeaway from our blogger panel? "Your wedding isn't about anyone else: it's about you." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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Photography by Roberta Facchini