Matt Porteous On The Perfect Wedding Album & Photographing Pippa's Wedding

Matt Porteous, the man who photographed Pippa Middleton's wedding, no less, was one of many headlines at Brides The Show 2017's Friday night. Founder of photography company Wedding M, Matt was quizzed over cocktails by our guests on how to create the perfect wedding album you'll be desperate to get out for years to come.

So, what are the key, absolutely-must-have snaps for your wedding album? "The guys in the morning and the girls in the morning," says Matt, "if the boys don't have a plan, give them one!"

"And, you need some couple shots away from everyone; pictures of you having some time together on your own."

The evening party is crucial, too: "the photographer should be right in the middle of the dancing, getting into the spirit of the best day of your lives!" he explains.


Of course, we couldn't talk to Matt without asking about Pippa's wedding. The number of shots he took over the course of that one incredible day? 8,000, and all on his own, too.

If you're getting married, you'll know choosing one photographer is no mean feat. Matt's best advice for getting it right? "Meet up with them before you book them, and make sure you know that you can get on with your photographer. Pick one with a style you like: some styles of picture will stand out to you, the same way you like certain styles when you go shopping, so choose someone with that style. And ask to see a portfolio from a whole wedding, not just a few individual shots. You want to see the story of the whole day."

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Photography by Roberta Facchini