It's dawned on me that the wonderful wedding we attended this weekend was the last one I will attend before my own! Which makes me realise just how much there is still to be done.


One of the few things I have achieved though was proposing to my bridesmaids. I wanted to make it a special day and I spent a lot of time trying to find cute little gifts and touches to make it as memorable a moment as possible for us all.

The first part of my cunning plan: to invite them all over to mine for lunch (the ones in London, at least). I wanted to make it an occasion, and a personal one at that so I ordered place name cookies from Nila, which instantly makes any table look better, as well as being a lovely little touch for the girls to keep or eat! Not edible but certainly as sweet were the little present I chose for everyone: little pom pom necklaces from Sarah and Bendrix.

Next up: decorations. Luckily, I already had some White Knot balloons which read 'Will you be by bridesmaid?' which I tied to their chairs. (My godchildren loved them when they got theirs!)


Finishing it all off, I wrote individual notes and displayed them with a pencil (which also read 'will you be my bridesmaid?') and a votive candle from Wick & Tallow (which I'm also hoping to dress the tables at the wedding with). The stage was set, all I needed was my maids!

I got everyone to gather under the pretense of a girlie get together, which was easy enough and once they had all arrived I led them through to my table. There was chaos and screams, followed by happy tears; I wish I'd recorded it all! But it's definitely a moment I'll never forget.

Phase Two of the bridesmaid plan was (of course) to get them dresses! As I know well from running Maids To Measure, getting all your maids together is one of the biggest challenges of the entire process, so I bribed mine with lunch at my favourite pub (The Imperial off the King's Road.) It worked well.


I asked my sister to take the appointment like she would any other; it was such a joy to be on the other side for once! I got to sit back, drink champagne and nibble on cakes whilst the girls all tried on different samples and worked out what they wanted. It was a very long appointment (13 bridesmaids are quite a lot) but in the end we had 13 new designs and 13 new colours - all to be revealed next year!


In the meantime, I'm off to Brides The Show this weekend with two hats on: as a Maids To Measure-founder and as a bride-to-be with a long list of wedmin to-dos. See you there!

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