Modernist buildings, buzzy bars and 12 miles of gold-sand beaches - Tel Aviv is the very definition of a sexy city, basking in year-round sunshine at the far end of the Mediterranean.

Join locals sipping limonana (mint lemonade) at a beachfront bar before meandering through one of the city's most beautiful areas, Neve Tzedek, to your designer home.

Inside, the rooms are all glass-walled bathrooms, chocolate-coloured wood panelling and white canopied beds. Extras such as the 'little brown beach bag' to use during your stay add to the charm.

After breakfast, ride one of the hotel's bikes to the ancient city of Jaffa, just 15 minutes away, with views over the Mediterranean.

WOW FACTOR: The walls of the hotel are a mini gallery - covered in pieces by Israeli street artist Pilpeled.

FLIGHT TIME: 5 hours

WHEN TO GO: Autumn, Spring

GO: Doubles from £185 per night, B&B ( Easyjet ( flies from £127.99 return.