As one of the most sought out wedding planners in London, we're always looking to Bruce Russell of his eponymous brand By Bruce Russell, for advice and the latest in luxury wedding planning. We recently got a chance to chat to him about his role, his best advice and the wedding of the year.

1. The Bruce Russell motto is …

'Make it personal' - with everything we do. Each idea, every element should somehow be personal to the couple, to their family, and to their guests. That's really what makes each wedding completely unique.

2. Four things you can't produce a wedding without…

The trust of our couples - it allows us to be creative

Reliable vendors - it's all about teamwork

Realistic budget - we all have to be on the same page

Communication - it's the cornerstone of everything we do…and avoids disaster!

3. What has been your career highlight to date?

There have been so many! The real highlight is being recognised as a reputable and respected leader in this industry. That's very important to me.

4. The best wedding we ever produced was….

A wedding we planned in Italy last year where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly! We were able to stand back and watch it all unfold perfectly. The couple had complete faith in us, and were absolutely overwhelmed and thankful on the day. Even their 'celebrity' guests commented it was the best wedding they'd ever been to…that really says it all!

5. When planning a wedding, always be mindful that…

It may not always go to plan - never assume anything and ALWAYS have a plan B.

6. Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram and why?

There are really too many! I play the field, as it depends on the day, the mood and what I'm looking for. Currently I am obsessed with Ester & Erik candles @ester_erik. I've also been entertaining at home and Clodagh Mckenna is my current go to chef @clodagh-mckenna. But that will also change tomorrow!

7. Our dream celebrity /'it girl' to plan a wedding for would be….

Well technically Meghan Markle isn't married yet! (wink)

8. What does wedding style mean to you?

It means personal style, combined with design elements which work with the venue, and the overall experience we want to create for the guests.

9. What are the key trends for receptions at the moment?

Tablescape - it's all about the minute details of setting the perfect dinner table

Menu - everything is bespoke for every client. Gone are the days of choosing between menu A, B or C

Colour - décor and design elements which include colours…and I couldn't be happier!

10. How do you see the Royal Wedding being styled?

I think they will follow tradition, with some personal elements intertwined. I think it will clearly be about Meghan and Harry and their special day.

11. Do you have a signature aesthetic or personal style that you put into the weddings you've planned?

I don't really, and I won't want to be recognised for something specific. I think I put my stamp on each wedding, but it's quite subtle and individual to that couple and wedding.

12. What's your favourite part of your job?

Starting with a blank canvas, getting to know the couple, and then pulling pieces together. I love seeing couples talk about their wedding and getting them to really be honest about what's important to them.

13. …. And the worst?

The admin of running your own business… it never ends!

14. And finally, what's next….

Where do I start? We've ended our official partnership with The Savoy, so this has allowed me to focus on new projects, which is exciting. I was part of a pilot for a new reality TV show which airs in a few weeks on RTE2 in Ireland. I think audiences will really like it, it's a 'feel good' type of show. I'm working with people in Marrakech to expand our services locally - I love destination weddings and Marrakech is simply perfect! I have a few other projects up my sleeve which I hope to share with you very soon!