Bryony Gordon's Top Tips For Dealing With Wedding Anxiety

Having just launched her Mental Health Mates campaign, we asked Bryony Gordon for her top three tips for dealing with wedding anxiety.

12 Sep 2018

Mental-health champion and journalist Bryony Gordon (who works with Heads Together and The Royal Foundation) has just launched her Mental Health Mates campaign as a fund-raising platform, and we are thrilled for Brides The Show to be one of its first official supporters.

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You’ll know Bryony for running the London Marathon in her pants (yes, really!) and as the author of The Wrong Knickers, Mad Girl and Eat, Drink, Run (oh, and serial hugger of Prince Harry). Plus, she's going to be on the stage at Brides The Show giving talks on body confidence, anxiety and stress levels in the run-up to your day.

In anticipation of her talks, we asked Bryony to share her top three tips for dealing with the anxiety of getting married.

Beware of family-zillas!

"My first tip would be, everyone's families turn into complete nightmares and fruitcakes. You know they talk about bridezillas, but it's actually family-zillas. My mum was a nightmare, my sister... everyone. Previously normal people! For some reason, it just completely turns them upside down."

Take some time out on the day to observe

"My second piece of advice would be that on the actual day, take some time out with your other half. Go away and take some time out in a room - not to do that, but if you want to - and just kind of observe and watch and make memories. And just step back for a bit and watch all of your friends and family have an amazing time because you get really stuck in the middle of it."

Remember that it's just a day

"My final piece of advice is to remember that it's just a day. It's just a day, and you've got the rest of your lives together and really that's the most important thing."

See Bryony Gordon talk at Brides The Show on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of September.

All the profits raised from specific ‘good cause’ features at Brides The Show (plus voluntary donations via ticket sales; tick the box when you buy) will go to the campaign, which organises meet-ups and group walks for people with mental-health problems. The money will go to support these wonderful walk leaders, and also to a select number of charities the company partners with.

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