We've seen fireworks, magicians, casinos and this year it's all been about giant games of chess, Jenga and the like. And the latest party trend? Bubbles. We're not talking pots of bubbles as table gifts (although that's an option). We mean full-on tailor-made bubble shows by 'bubbleologist' to the stars, Samsam Bubbleman at Bubble Inc. Sam and his team create everything from giant whale-size bubbles to the world's tiniest floating air bags. They even do edible bubbles, ultra-violet bubbles and fire bubbles. Bubble Inc has performed for Paul McCartney and Peter Gabriel and was spotted at a recent family wedding of JK Rowling. If you want to get in on the bubble action for your wedding reception, visit www.bubbleinc.co.uk or call 020 8350 0362.