Who could forget Jessica Biel's (beautifully bridal) look from the Cannes Film Festival? Well, the make-up artist behind the beautiful look - the inimitable Lisa Eldridge - has created a video to show you how to recreate the red carpet and aisle-ready make-up.


Lisa's star-studded client list includes Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Eva Green, Cameron Diaz, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Moss, Helena Christensen, Cate Blanchet, Demi Moore and Salma Hayek (just to name a few). We thought we would take advantage of her expertise and ask her for her top tips for wedding day make-up:

Think Classic: "Don't go for a very trendy or catwalk inspired look, you don't want your photographs to date. You want something timeless and classically beautiful. If you look at wedding photos from the 80s you can really tell but if you look at photos of Grace Kelly for example, you can't really put a date on them."

Sync Your Colour Scheme: "Be in sync with the colour scheme and tones of the wedding. If there's a lot of pinks and lavenders don't sport an orange lipstick which jars with everything."


Look Like You: "If you always wear eyeliner you can't just ditch it on your wedding day or your groom won't recognise you! Think about what make-up you normally wear, and tweak it a little, up the ante a touch. The best bridal make-up is an even more beautiful, polished version of yourself."

Photography: "Shimmering, glittery face powder and foundations with high SPF (over 15) can be your worst enemy, creating strange white flashbacks. Avoid products with too much light reflection - a little bit under the eyes, on the high point of the cheek bones; subtle and well blended. Avoid shimmery powders all over - it will look distorted and overly shiny in flash light."

Wearing White: "When you go for your make-up trial take a camera with you and wear a white top (or take a piece of white cloth and hold it up to your face), you don't want to look too washed out or too tanned. Always take photographs at the trial and always take it with a flash so you can really see how everything is sitting together and that you're not getting strange light reflection."


Long Wear: "Your make-up has to last all day so choose long wearing formulations like waterproof pencils, waterproof mascaras, eyeshadow primers etc, and apply everything in thin layers. Applying too much primer, moisturizer and foundation will overload the skin and it will wear off much quicker than thin layers; make-up which is really well blended and in synergy with your skin will last longer.

Touch Ups: "Make sure you're ready for touch-ups, especially with lipstick, you tend to do a lot of kissing at weddings! Ask a bridesmaid to carry some powder, lipstick and concealer for you."

Conceal Away: "Make the most of the time that you have to get ready and conceal everything, cover every little blemish on your face, every little mark - then set your flawless base with powder."

Lisa Eldgridge; www.lisaeldridge.com