Everyone You Need To Tell When You Change Your Name

24 Mar 2017

You're becoming a Mrs! Naturally, you're going to want to tell everyone about your new name but aside from friends and family and changing your name on social media there are some official people who need to know, too.

Here's a checklist of everyone you need to tell when you change your name. Why not print and tick off as you go? You're welcome.

1. Your country's passport office

2. The DVLA (driving licence)

3. Your employer

4. HMRC/Inland Revenue for your tax and National Insurance records

5. Your pension provider

6. Anyone who holds medical records for you including your doctor, dentist and optician

7. Your bank(s), building society, credit card and mortgage providers

8. Utility companies including your internet service provider, telephone provider, water, electricity and gas providers.

9. Your local authority, for council tax and electoral register

10. Any companies you hold finance/loans with - this includes student loan.

11. Insurance companies - everyone you hold insurance with, from life to car insurance.

12. Companies you hold shares in.

13. Any company you hold a loyalty card with.