How To Choose Your Wedding Wine

Where did you meet your other half? Did your eyes connect between computer screens at work? Did you cross paths while travelling the world? Did you both 'swipe right'? Whichever it was, it reveals a lot about you as a couple and could give you some ideas for the wine you should serve on your wedding day.

Luckily, Corney & Barrow's collection of expertly chosen wines all have personalities of their own and, despite being one of the oldest wine merchants in Britain, they're something of a well-kept secret. Until now. Keep reading to identify your tribe and discover which wine you should choose for your wedding day.

1. You met… at a wedding (aka, the

We've all been there. Matchmade by a cunning bride and groom and seated together on the obligatory 'singles table'. Over salmon, chicken and a trio of desserts, you discussed everything: from work to holidays, to the problem you're having with your downstairs neighbour. And the rest is history! You like tradition - and need wines to reflect this.

C&B recommends:

For white lovers: A classic, elegant white Burgundy, which bears the Royal Warrants - so certainly has our seal of approval! Corney & Barrow White Burgundy Domaine Dominique Cornin 2015

For red lovers: Traditional and very delicious claret from the region of Côtes de Castillon in Bordeaux. L'Aurage 2012

2. You met… at a festival (aka, the hippies)

Cans of warm cider may have been your tipple of choice back when you were dating, but now's the time to find a wine that's perfect for you - with a nod to your wild child days, of course. Don't worry, these wines stay true to your nature-loving roots.

C&B recommends:

For white lovers: Not only is this wine vegan-friendly, it was also specially crafted by a group of winemakers who decided to join forces to share their passion and expertise. The end result? This fantastic bottle. L'Empreinte de Saint Mont Blanc AOC Saint Mont Producteurs Plaimont 2011

For red lovers: A Fairtrade wine. And with every purchase supporting local schools and hospitals from the region, you can enjoy each sip safe in the knowledge you've done your bit for the world. Santa Florentina Malbec Reserva Fairtrade 2016

3. You met… at work (aka, the city slickers)

You locked eyes in the boardroom and always seemed to bump into each other at the water cooler. Coincidence? We think not. The city is your natural habitat, so you need something that's as chic and to-the-point as you are.

C&B recommends:

For sparkling lovers: English sparkling wines, especially those produced in the south east, are hot property. This one in particular is sure to hit the spot! The Wiston Estate Rose Brut West Sussex 2011

For red lovers: An extremely refined Margaux, from Corney & Barrow's carefully curated own label. Corney & Barrow Margaux 2012

4. You met… travelling (aka, the worldly-wise)

In deepest Peru and with nothing more than a backpack, a collection of wristbands and one killer suntan, you stumbled into one another. You've both seen the world; now's the time to show off your encyclopaedic knowledge of roads less travelled with wine even your most cultured guests won't have heard of.

C&B recommends:

For white lovers: Yes, Peru makes wine! From the absolutely stunning Ica Valley comes this little gem. Intipalka Chardonnay Vinas Queirolo 2016

For red lovers: At least you don't have to travel 11,426 miles to drink this deliciously fruity New Zealand Pinot Noir… Pinot Noir Eradus 2015

5. You met… online (aka, the techy ones)

Untraditional and nonplussed by what others think, you like doing things the modern way - and with as much technology as possible. Apps are right up your street and you practically speak to each other in code. You want wine that lives in the 21st century.

C&B recommends:

For white lovers: There is nothing complicated about this delicious C&B house white. Drink and enjoy without speaking a word - just its zing will make you smile. Corney & Barrow Blanc IGP Cotes de Gascogne 2016

For red lovers: Andrea Franchetti didn't care what people thought when he started planting vines on the slopes of a live volcano. Can you taste volcanic mineral tones in this punchy red from the foothills of Mount Etna? Franchetti IGT Tenuta di Passopisciaro 2010

Discover the perfect wine for your wedding among Corney & Barrow's incredible selection. From hearty reds to effervescent champagnes (and everything in between) they've got your big day covered. Head to

All illustrations by Veronica Collignon