What: Christine Bleakley Fitness DVD Best For: Time-poor brides who want to transform their body The skinny: Now you can get Christine Bleakley's enviable figure by following her new fitness DVD. From one bride-to-be to another, Christine's new fitness DVD will get you in bridal shape in no time! Inspired by her sister's incredible weight loss (Nicola lost seven stone), Christine has teamed up with her personal trainer Maria Fenn (www.mariafenn.com) to create the workout routines. The DVD is divided into three sections, including exercises for every body part, and an all-over body blast and (most importantly) interval training designed to build up your fitness level, sculpt your body and help you lose weight. We only tried out the regime for a couple of days at the time of publishing, but you can certainly feel it. The exercises are simple to follow and will get you feeling the burn quickly. The Bleakley Blaster is particularly brilliant - a series of interval training exercises that get your blood pumping and sculpt your muscles quickly; ideal for when you are short on time. Where: Wherever - you decide! How much: £10.99 available from www.amazon.co.uk MORE BRIDAL FITNESS REGIMES PRE-WEDDING FITNESS TIPS MORE FROM THE BEAUTY BLOG