Guests are seated by the ushers, with the bride's family and guests on the left of the nave, and the groom's on the right. The groom and best man arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony. As the bride arrives, her mother should be shown to the front pew while the bride, her father and attendants wait outside the church. They process down the aisle with the bride on her father's right arm behind the minister, followed by the attendants. When they reach the front pew, the groom takes his place on the bride's right-hand side and the bride hands her bouquet to her chief bridesmaid. After the first hymns, readings and the vicar's address, the marriage itself takes place. The bride's father takes the bride's right hand and gives it to the minister, who passes it to the groom. The couple make their vows. The ring(s) are passed to the minister by the best man, after which the father of the bride and the best man take their seats in the front pews. The bride and groom exchange rings, followed by prayers, a hymn and the final blessing. The bride and groom then sign the register with their parents and two witnesses, often the best man and chief bridesmaid. Then the bouquet is given back to the bride and she and the groom lead the procession out of the church, followed by the attendants, the chief bridesmaid with the best man, the bride's mother with the groom's father, and lastly the groom's mother with the bride's father.