Meet The Skin Doctors!

Leading cosmetic doctors were on hand at Saturday's Brides The Show to give the lowdown on glow-getting, shape-shifting treatments and beauty products that really get results - no knives or surgery required! And from the number of brides-to-be who attended the packed talk, introduced by top beauty journalist Olivia Falcon, it's clear our readers all want the same thing: beautiful skin, SOS spot-zapping services and procedures to help you look fresher and less tired on your big day. So, we asked our doctors: What is the one thing a bride should seek to enhance? Their advice...

Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward (

The rising stars of the cosmetic beauty industry oversee River Aesthetics, with clinics in London and Hampshire. They offer a bespoke approach, with treatments such as the River Lift, which combines thread-lifting and facial injectable treatments. They say: 'Skin - a bride should look radiant and fresh on her big day. We often have mothers-of-the-bride coming in with their daughters - they then come back and have the River Lift, which restores natural facial balance and softens the signs of ageing using a combination of threads and cosmetic injectables.'

Dr Tapan Patel (

The Botox and filler expert has the largest selection of lasers in the UK, treating everything from hair removal to skin resurfacing. He also specialises in the cutting-edge SculpSure fat-melting laser and miraDry, which eliminates the problem of excess sweating. He says: 'Your skin. I'm actually a big fan of holistic beauty - no work can beat a healthy, balanced lifestyle. When brides come to me, I advise them first on stress reduction, hydration, diet and good skincare - once we've taken care of that, then we talk about whether they need fillers or anything else.'

Dr Tracy Mountford (

The founder of the award-winning Cosmetic Skin Clinic, which has practices in Buckinghamshire and London, is known for her expertise in fillers. Working with light hands to deliver natural-looking results, she has been named as one of the top five Botox doctors in the UK. She says: 'Brides should enhance - not alter - their favourite feature. Obviously it depends on the girl, but often all someone will need is a soft sprinkle of Botox or a hydration boost of hydrochloric acid. It's all about subtle, understated and natural beauty.'

Miss Sherina Balaratnam (

An expert in advanced skincare programmes to transform the complexion, Miss Sherina Balaratnam is known for her high-tech facials that use radio frequencies to rejuvenate skin. She also champions the latest Botox and filler techniques. She says: 'Skincare. But you need to give me time - combined treatments work well over a six-week period. Cut down on alcohol, sugar, coffee and get sleep first; then we'll talk treatments later.'

Love their advice? Tune in tomorrow for our other skin doctors' suggestions. And remember: while all our doctors are the top in their field and properly accredited, if you are thinking of getting any work done always get a reliable referral and check your doctor's credentials. A useful resource is