Today we escape the blistering heat of London's busy streets for another fitting with Phillipa Lepley and her team.

Last time we were here we got to see the basic shape of Lauren's dress; today we are looking at the amount of lace on the bodice and checking the length of the hem once more.


Stepping into her gown, Lauren's face immediately lights up, her excitement with the dress and its progress is clear for all to see.

Lauren's original sketch featured a trickling of lace, starting thick and tight at the top of the bodice and fading into smaller pieces towards the hips and down the bodice.


As it stands now the gown has a delicate spread of lace detailing, each delicate piece hand-stitched in place with little bits of tulle feathering at the edges protecting the pretty details, but Lauren wants more.

Phillipa sets to work, listening intently to Lauren's vision and pinning the fine cuttings to the bodice with swift, soft movements as elegant as a ballerina's dance and as precise as a surgeons cut. Shapes quickly form and Lauren and Phillipa decide on where they want the lace to being and end.


The juxtaposition of corded and un-corded lace add to the personality of the gown, while the beautiful veil trails behind as Lauren walks around the room. Whilst the design team study the hem intently - their faces practically glued to the floor to see the dress length from a better vantage point - Lauren is quite clearly miles away imagining her big day…