Educogym Day 3: Today is not going well. I feel sore all over, especially in my quads - every time I stand up I whimper and hobble. I feel nauseous from the mountains of nuts and cream cheese. Urgh. A very annoying side-effect from eating zero sugar/carbs is that I have a permanently salty taste in my mouth. It's making me incredibly thirsty so I'm drinking tons of water, which means I'm having to get up to go to the ladies a MILLION times - however standing up/sitting down is killing my quads! I'm literally in my own vicious circle. Sob. It's not all bad. The gym session was great today: despite the aches and pains I pushed on through and surprised myself by how strong I am. We focused on arms and shoulders (and abs again), but tomorrow we're back on legs. I'm totally dreading it. Those squats are hideous and I know they'll make me do them again! I have equal feelings of wanting to keep going and bursting into tears. Fingers crossed the aches subside tomorrow. Educogym Day 4: Several mini breakthroughs to report today! Legs are feeling WAY better and less sore - in fact, I have an all-over satisfying ache and I'm 'aware' of every muscle in my body. Definitely feeling more positive too. I've also figured out a cure for salty-mouth: mint drops. These were recommended by the grooming editor Ahmed Zambarakji who did the Educogym programme a few months ago. I've found mine from They're sugar-free and harmless and totally work. Salty-mouth it transpires is actually a side-effect of my body being in ketosis. Ketosis is the 'shift' you make when your glucose levels hit zero and your muscles have nothing to feed on so they turn to your fat supplies for fuel instead. Hence the subsequent weight loss. I have crazy visions of my buzzing, hungry, exercised muscles looking around thirstily for sugary fluid to suck up, not finding any, so biting off chunks of lard from my insides instead! Another beauty buddy Ruth Crilly, who writes the blog A Model Recommends, documented her Educogym experience and noted the day 4 jitters. I'm definitely getting these because I'm having crazy thoughts (lard-munching muscles) and I'm a little bit woozy from the lack of sugar. I did manage today's workout absolutely fine, despite it being gruelling. We did legs again, and I actually said to Zana 'let's get these bloody squats out the way first!'. Poor Zana. She is so brilliant. I walk in every day moaning about my aches and pains and have a million questions to ask but always forget them by the time our session's over. I've skipped lunch today. I'm actually not hungry at all and Zana says this is completely normal. Because my muscles have twigged that the only food they're getting from now on is my own fat, it's sending signals to my brain that I have PLENTY (repeat: PLENTY) of supplies so I don't need feeding. I am however keeping my protein levels topped up with supplements - which I haven't talked about yet because this requires a whole new blog page. I'll discuss these in my next post, but in a nutshell (urgh.. nuts) I am taking A LOT of supplements to ensure my newly-pounded muscles are looked after. Tonight I face my first food dilemma: a very cool beauty-industry cocktail party where there will undoubtedly be rivers of chilled champagne and designer canapés. Damn. I know the virtuous in me will prevail and there's a hard-boiled egg with a slice of smoked salmon and a spoon of Boursin with my name on it back at home. Rock'n'roll! READ ABOUT DAY 1 & 2 OF THE 12 DAY CHALLENGE MORE ABOUT THE EDUCOGYM CHALLENGE FIND OUT WHAT'S NEW AND EXCITING IN THE WORLD OF HAIR & MAKE-UP