Educogym Day 6: Today is a Saturday but I still made the journey into town for my Educogym session (dedication!). I'm feeling really good, if a little tired still. I thought the diet would take a knock over the weekend but I've stuck to it religiously and I'm so glad I kept the days free of social engagements. It means I can focus on my protein:fat ratios and not be tempted by alcohol, because it's getting to that time when I'm starting to get cravings. Ice cream is a major one - in fact I remember craving ice cream the last time I did a strict diet and weirdly I rarely eat it! I also really fancy a massive glass of red wine with some milk chocolate. Specifically a Lindt Lindor ball. Or twelve. It doesn't help that I'm typing this in front of Saturday Kitchen reruns either... This morning in the car with my husband I saw a stunning girl jogging: she had an incredible body and looked like something out of a fitness magazine. I actually said out loud: "I bet she's running back home to a huge bowl of spaghetti Bolognese…[insert grumbling expletives here]." Oh my god! I'm so mean! I need to stop being so melodramatic. I half-way there and I'm doing really well so I must shrug all that frustration out of me pronto or I will crack. Dinner in front of X-Factor (slow-cooked lamb shoulder with green beans and a hunk of Boursin) will be made a little more exciting with a new Educogym-friendly cocktail my husband has concocted. I call it the Faux-hito: crushed ice, fresh mint, squished lime wedges, topped with soda water. It's delicious and refreshing, and the mint smells sweet and exotic. Educogym Day 7: No session today (it's Sunday), but I'm still doing the diet of course and taking my supplements. Ah, the supplements. I haven't mentioned these before as I thought it might put you off, because this Educogym 12-day programme requires you to take a mammoth amounts of supplements. At first it's incredibly off-putting, but it all makes sense because I'm putting my body through a very peculiar new training system and diet so it needs extra support. I'll try to explain as clearly as possible what I have to take and why. Amino-Energise: 5 tablets (they're an inch long and smell horrid!), taken 3 times a day - As soon as I wake up, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. These are pure protein tablets that improve the nutritional value of any food and generally give you a bit of an energy booster. Amino-Or: 5 tablets, twice a day - on an empty stomach an hour before my gym session and just before going to bed. These improve the fat-burning process apparently (yay!) Creatine powder: a teaspoon in water at breakfast and at dinner. This is like a cleaner, toner and moisturiser for muscles - it improves their efficacy and protects them from damage. The truth is I've only just googled Creatine because I didn't listen to Zana when she gave them all me, and I've been quite lazy taking this one. Now I'm kicking myself! I'll definitely get back on this one tonight with dinner. There's also a caffeine/taurine supplement called Mind Alert, but it's optional for those who usually rely on a triple-shot latte to wake them up in the mornings. I don't [dances around virtuously]. I've noticed I sometimes get the odd short wave of nausea and weakness. I'm not hungry, I'm sticking to everything by the book.. so I'm just assuming this is all part of the process and my muscles are happily eating away at my fat supplies but making me feel a bit strange. No drama; just a little blip that's quickly fixed by a drop of peppermint. READ ABOUT DAY 5 OF THE 12 DAY CHALLENGE MORE ABOUT THE EDUCOGYM CHALLENGE FIND OUT WHAT'S NEW AND EXCITING IN THE WORLD OF BRIDAL TREATMENTS