Educogym Day 8: It's Monday - a full week since I started Educogym and here are the main things I've noticed: 1. My clothes are definitely looser. Not baggy, but comfortable. And I think my neck is a little slimmer. This has given me the spring in my step I haven't felt for months, and perhaps even a little more confidence. Thumbs up. 2. I don't really feel particularly fitter but I do feel stronger. When I'm speed-walking around town I get really tired and weak, yet I can somehow muster up Incredible Hulk volumes of energy during the training sessions. 3. And speaking of, I'm seriously impressed with what this inner Hulk can achieve. Today for instance, back on legs (grrr), I did 60 squats pushing a heavy load on my shoulders (FROM A CROUCHED POSITION MAY I ADD), then finished the session with 8 reps of 20 crunches. That's 160 crunches. Wow! Granted, I am completely wiped out afterwards and mope back to the office feeling my inner Hulk regress to its puny self. But still, it's something to feel virtuous about. 4. My body doesn't hurt anymore. Actually it feels fantastic. I am 'aware' of all my muscles in a really satisfying way, I don't have any digestive problems associated with eating carbs, very few computer-eyes headaches, my sleeping is flawless and I wake up feeling BLING (not blah like I used to). I'm also putting this down to the fact that I haven't had a drop of alcohol or any sugar for a whole week. 5. I have weird episodic nausea for about 6 seconds once or twice a day, which feels like indigestion and is often a bit of trapped wind (the MOUTH end!). But it's soon over after some peppermint oil and fresh water. 6. Incidentally, Salty Mouth is completely gone. Phew. 7. I look forward to my gym sessions. Really! They're fun and dynamic, super fast and despite some exercises being excruciating (I will describe the Chair of Doom after tomorrow's chest'n'back session) some feel wonderful in that morning-stretch kind of way. The diet and supplements meanwhile are fine. I skipped breakfast today, for lunch I had a small packet of poached salmon flakes with half a tub of cream cheese, then for dinner a repeat of last night's lamb with green beans). Educogym Day 9: It's Incredible Hulk vs. The Chair of Doom today. I will try my best to describe this most heinous of contraptions they clearly invented in prison gyms for men with mama's face tattooed on their chest. Imagine a chair attached to a vertical pulley system with weights. There are two handles either side. Climb a little ladder to reach the seat, hold onto the handles (tightly!) and gently lower yourself down controlling your own body weight so that you don't smack down to the floor and pop each shoulder out of its socket. Then hoist yourself back up, slowly, essentially pushing your entire body weight through your arms until you reach the top again. And here's the worse bit; that's only HALF of what Chair of Doom can do. There are little handles up above you too and the chair can be moved lower down, which means you can pull yourself upwards too. It's a right killer, and up there in joint first position with Squats of Dooms. In other news, I'm feeling good today. I've had a comment on how 'luminous' my skin is looking (thank you Kayla at Vogue), and I can walk ache-free in my new, ridiculously high Miu Miu shoes - something I certainly could not have done this time last week. I'm really glad I've cleared my diary of evening things but home life is still quite tempting. It's painful to watch my husband sip a cold glass of buttery golden chardonnay and there's a slab of milk chocolate just sitting there, laughing in my face, every time I open the fridge like one of those annoying birthday cards. But here's the lingering feeling: even if someone told me I could eat it, I really don't think I would. I'd rather keep it as a special indulgent treat on the weekend when I crack open the papers like in the Galaxy adverts. It's the same with wine; I'd rather save it for a meal worthy of the extra calories, or a night out genuinely worthy of a hangover. It's true; you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, but you definitely DO know how to treat it better when it's back. READ ABOUT DAY 6 & 7 OF THE 12 DAY CHALLENGE MORE ABOUT THE EDUCOGYM CHALLENGE FIND OUT WHAT'S NEW AND EXCITING IN THE WORLD OF BRIDAL TREATMENTS