From Harley Street to Hollywood, skincare expert and super facialist Debbie Thomas is the go-to guru for gorgeously glowing skin. We speak to her about achieving great skin ahead of your wedding day...


Why is it so important to have regular facials?

"Our skin renews every 5-7 weeks so your if you have a facial treatment this frequently this will aid in the skins renewing ability and the deep cleansing will help keep congested chins or puffy eyes under control. It is also imperative to have regular facials to keep some skin conditions under control. In addition it gives your skin care professional a chance to check that your home care products are suitable for the season, the skin cycle your skin type at that time."

You offer a bespoke approach to skincare - what sets you apart from other specialists?

"I am very experienced with laser technologies and am constantly updating my offering with the latest machines/systems to improve my treatments on a regular basis, to offer my clients the best possible treatments. I am also constantly training my staff, so the whole team is capable of giving treatments at a very high standard. In addition, we really care. I want to see results quickly and will do my utmost to make sure my clients see the difference my treatments can make to their skin. I'll also educate them to make sure they are doing their bit at home. Integrated skincare is key. Good treatments paired with a good at-home regime is ideal."


What is your biggest achievement to date?

"Setting up my own business in the midst of the recession was the scariest thing I have ever done! I started by renting a room in Harvey Nichols for my self, now four years later, I have three rooms in the iconic Hari's salon and I have nine employees. When I left my (quite remote) home on Portland 15 years ago I never could of imagined having a business built on my vision and passion, which just seems to be going from strength to strength."

Give us your top tips for achieving gorgeous glowing skin before your wedding day.

"Having a series of regular professional skin treatments right up to a few weeks before would be ideal. If the bride-to-be has a particular skin condition that she wants to address, often she'll need to start 6 months before the big day. If the bride's skin is generally good, but she would like it to look its best on the day, then a couple of facials in the final weeks/months before will be enough.

If someone hasn't had any skin treatments previously but decides she wants a facial a couple of days before, this could be detrimental. It is very possible to have a reaction to any treatment, including ones for sensitive skin types, so I'd recommend always trying out anything new six weeks before the wedding day, to see how the skin reacts, then if all is fine, have the same one a week or a few days before.

Home care products are also very important, but again don't suddenly change them a week or two before, ideally you want to start using any new products 3-6 months before, so that any negative reactions can be spotted and offending products replaced, so by the time the big day gets closer, the regime should be perfect."


What's your advice for brides-to-be with specific skin conditions such as rosacea or pigmentation?

"Laser treatments and advanced skincare is the best option when you have got more stubborn skin concerns. Again I would advise starting these kind of treatments at least six months before the wedding day as it can take a few treatments to get the skin in good condition and there can be a little down time so its best to have the stronger corrective treatments early on, than the maintenance treatments closer to the day."


Debbie Thomas;