For couples keen to tie the knot in true Scottish tartan style and ensure their wedding is remembered forever, the world's largest tartan supplier, has come up with a stroke of genius. The new online Tartan Designer, allows couples create their own unique tartans to celebrate their and their families' union. This free online tool lets anyone create their own new traditions, by designing tartans that can be produced as garments, and passed down the generations. Instead of costing hundreds or thousands of pounds for the services of an expert as it did previously, everyone can now design their own tartan at virtually no expense, with more creative control than ever before. Traditional family colours can be combined to create a new pattern honouring a surname, or organisations and groups can join together to create designs celebrating notable events. Inhabitants of a town or village could even get together to create a new design. Tartans designed in the system are even already being recorded in the official Scottish Register of Tartans, to ensure their historic recognition! Here's how it works:  - The user can start with a blank sheet or modify any existing tartan from thousands recorded.  - There's a full spectrum colour picker, or a photo library of actual weavers' yarns to ensure the fabric looks just as expected when woven.  - A simple user-friendly system creates instant visual results  - As a design develops there is feedback on its suitability for weaving, and a full fabric preview  - An on hand panel of world-leading tartan authorities are available to critique designs before weaving! Designing a wedding tartan is a fantastic way to combine their family tartans, and more over an incredible opportunity. Scotweb can also tailor garments made from the fabric, including kilts, trews, sashes, skirts and accessories. For more info visit