My sister tied the knot at the weekend and, me being me, I left it rather late (read: the week before the big day) to get my dress altered. It gaped at the top and I wanted an inch off the hem. I put in a desperate call to Designer Alterations in London's Battersea ( and made an appointment to see them the next evening. I climbed into the dress and was measured up; not only was it too big at the top but the bottom was also wonky, so they promised to fix this too. Less than a week later, and a day before the wedding, I returned to collect the dress. To my relief it fitted perfectly - as if it had been made especially for me. The service was slick, speedy and spot on - and great if you or your girls need any last-minute wardrobe tweaks before the big day. For details of the different services on offer, which range from bridal alterations to clothes remodelling and made-to-measure garments, visit; 020 7498 4360.