Ahh, January - the month of New Year's Resolutions...for all you brides-to-be who've lauched head-first into a detox regimes, then here's a tip - swap your daily Starbucks with a glass of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice (www.pomwonderful.co.uk). Move over blueberries, wheatgrass and goji berries....this is the super-juice you need to be drinking. Bursting with antioxidants it will help you feel great - and therefore look great - as you prepare for your wedding. For those less virtuous, I love the idea of combining this juice with vodka to create a POMtini. It would be fab served at a summer wedding reception - a chic and modern alternative to the classic Kir Royale, but still pretty pink in colour. Ask your caterer to make jugs of this up and serve as your guests arrive. A little bit naughtier than the pure juice, but oh so nice!

POMtini 30ml POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice 45ml vodka 45ml grapefruit juice 15ml freshly squeezed lime 15ml syrup (equal parts sugar and cold water dissolved together) Spiralled orange rind for garnish Ice cubes