An ultra chic bow will give your ring cushion an instant upgrade!

Measure two squares (about 12x12cm) from the stripy fabric, and two large rectangles (about 8x17cm), and one small rectangle (about 6x4cm) from the peach fabric (2). Hem two of the long sides and one short side of the large rectangles, as well as two long sides of the small rectangle.


Place one of the squares down with the right side facing up, and put the two large rectangles, also right side up, on top. Pin in place (3). Fold the rectangles in towards the centre so that they don't get caught in the seam when sewn. Place the second square on top of the others with the wrong side facing up. Stitch around the edge leaving a 4cm gap at the bottom.

Turn inside out, add the stuffing and sew up the open edge (4). Fold your large rectangles diagonally over each other and wrap the small rectangle around the centre. Hand stitch the bow in place (5).


Striped fabric, similar from £4.99 a metre, and peach fabric, similar from £2.99 a metre, Cushion filling, £4.50, Ribbon, £2.50 for 5m, Rose-gold bow ring, £200, Batya Kebudi at White-gold band, £199, Pins, £1 for 100, Scissors.

As seen in the September/October 2014 issue of Brides