Ingredients (to make about 20 large, 20 medium and 20 small cosmos flowers):

● 500g white flower paste

● 150g royal icing, soft-peak consistency

● Food paste colouring in Claret, Spruce Green (both by Sugarflair) and Primrose (by Wilton)

● petal dusting colour in Plum and Primrose (both by Sugarflair)

● Edible glue

● White vegetable fat

● Cornflour in a muslin pouch, for dusting

● 1tbsp semolina


● the basic kit

● Fantasy flower cutter set

● Flower centre mould

● Shell tool

● wide artist's paintbrush

● Silicone tray with 4cm half-sphere moulds

● 2 silicone trays with 6cm half-sphere moulds

● 2 paper piping bags


To recreate the cake...

You will need a round, stacked cake covered with marzipan and white sugar paste. The three tiers should measure 10cm, 15cm and 20cm in diameter, each 10cm high.


Mix 400g white flower paste with the claret colouring to make a very pale pink. If the flower paste feels firm, add vegetable fat and knead.

Roll out some paste until 1mm thick, then cut out your flower shapes using the fantasy cutter.

Place each shape on the petal foam pad and ball the centre and edges with the CelPin (2).

Run the shell tool from each petal edge to its centre, letting all the petals curl upwards (3).

Lay each flower in the well of a half-sphere mould dusted with cornflour (4). For the large flowers, use a 6cm mould; for the medium, 4cm; and for the small, use the wells in your paint palette. Leave to dry.

Mix the remaining paste with the primrose colour and make around 60 pea-sized balls (5).

Push each into the fourth-largest well of the flower-centre mould. Once dry, brush the edges with plum dusting powder using the wide artist's paintbrush. Follow the lines on each petal to enhance them (6).

To make the flower centres, brush the middle of each flower with edible glue and stick the ball shapes in place (7). Mix the semolina with some primrose dusting powder.

Brush the yellow flower middles with edible glue and sprinkle over the semolina. Tip off any excess semolina (8).

Mix the royal icing with the spruce green colouring. Pipe stems down the cake tiers' sides, varying the heights.

To add small leaves, pipe a dot and drag towards the stem.

Pipe a blob of icing at the top of each stem and add a flower (9). Hold against the side for a few seconds to help the icing set.