Weave metallic twine around the stems of Champagne glasses, tied with pale pink ribbon for a modern, unique update.

To make, cut two 2cm lengths of double-sided sellotape. Wrap one around the bottom and one around the top of the stem of each flute.


Starting at the bottom, wrap the twine around the stem up to the top and cut. Snip 20cm of ribbon and tie in a bow.

Stick onto the twine at the top of the stem using all-purpose adhesive.

Champagne flutes, £36 for four, www.lsa-international.com. Metallic twine, £2 for two 20m rolls, www.hobbycraft.co.uk. Tray, £29.99, www.zarahome.com. Ribbon, £1.95 per metre, www.vvrouleaux.com. Adhesive, £5, UHU at www.johnlewis.com. Fabric Fabric, £89 per metre, Nina Campbell at www.osborneandlittle.co.uk