Ingredients (to make about three large, two medium and two small frangipanis)

- 300g white flower paste

- a small amount of soft-peak royal icing

- Food paste colouring in Teal (by Wilton)

- Craft dusting powder in Primrose and Tangerine (both by Sugarflair)

- Edible glue

- White vegetable fat


- the basic kit

- Frangipani petal cutter set (by TinkerTech Two)

- Ball tool

- Selection of regular andsmall cupcake paper cases

- Paper piping bag


To recreate the cake...

You will need a cake that's 10cm in diameter and 10cm high, covered with marzipan and white sugar paste.


While the icing is soft, make horizontal lines about 2.5cm apart on the cake's sides with the back of a kitchen knife.

Let the icing set andpaint the cake with stripes using the teal food colouring.

Roll out the white flower paste until 2mm thick. Add vegetable fat and knead if the paste feels too firm. Cut out five petals for each flower, using the same-sized cutter for each.

Place the petals on the flower foam pad and push the ball tool along the centre of each (2). The edges should remain thick while the inner part should curve to form a cup shape.

Brush the right side of a petal with edible glue and place another over the top so that it overlaps by one third.


Repeat for remaining petals and fan them out (3). All petals should meet at the bottom.

Place the pointed end of the CelPin where the petals meet, then roll the petal fan into a cone shape. Pinch the bottom of the petals together so they open out into a flower (4).

Trim the excess pastefrom the bottom and place the flower in a paper case. Repeat and leave the flower to dry.

Dust the flower centres with the primrose dusting powder. Work your way from the centre to halfway along each petal.

Mix tangerine and primrose dusting powder and add an orangey hue to the centres (5).

Steam the flowers over boiling water to ensure the colour is set.

Pipe some royal icing onto the backs and stick to the cake.


Edited extracts taken from 'Cakes In Bloom: The Art of Exquisite Sugarcraft Flowers' by Peggy Porschen, £25;