Get creative with the ribbon decor on your bridal bouquet!

MORE FLORAL IDEAS AND INSPIRATION Wrap gaffer tape around the stems of your bouquet. Cover with a wide ribbon, secured with pins, to provide a base. Decorate with mini bows or textured ribbon. Or, for a plait effect, place the bouquet in the centre of the a long length of ribbon. Pull each end towards you, then cross the lengths over one another. Reverse direction, passing round behind the stemand back to the front. Repeat.

RECEPTION THEME IDEAS Far left, Bouquet 1: Vuvuzela and Avalanche roses and Super Bubbles spray roses, crocosmia, solidaster, scabious, freesias and waxflowers, £90, Peach ribbon, £2.20 per m, and French braid, £2.25 per m, Top right: Bouquet 2:peonies, Sandstorm, Juliet Garden, sedum, and Vuvuzela roses and Bombastic spray roses, £120, Velvet ribbon, £5.99 per m, and braid £3.95 per m, Bottom right: Bouquet 3:Romantic Antique, English, Augusta Luise and Colombian O'Hara roses, nerines, astrantia, senecio, eucalyptus and peonies, £80, Satin ribbon, £1.40 per m,