Add a pretty and super-simple touch to your confetti baskets with luxe ribbons and clever arranging.

MORE CONFETTI INSPIRATION Fold a length of ribbon in half, then open it out so both sides lie flat - this should form a point. Stick the triangular point to the rim of the basket. Repeat using two different coloured ribbons for contrast. Tightly tie a thinner ribbon just underneath the rim before pushing it up so it's just visible. Clip fabric flowers to the sides and fill with confetti. Pink ribbons, 95p per m each,; Thin pink ribbon, 42p per m,; Basket, £3.50, Tylers 020 7908 9800; Flower clips, £1.99 for two,; Confetti, £15.50 per bag,; Countess satin dress, from £195, and silk sash, £22,


As seen in the January/February 2014 issue of Brides