Upgrade your ring cushion with super-sweet luxe ribbons.

FABULOUS DIY IDEAS YOU WILL LOVE Cut two fabric squares approx 16cm x 16cm. Take a strip of ribbon and pin or tack a 4cm section at the top centre of one of the squares. Fold it back the other way and pin. Repeat. Sew up the centre of the pattern to secure. Remove the pins or tacking. Stitch a thin ribbon (to hold the rings in place) at the centre of the cushion. Place the decorated square face down on the blank square and sew together on three sides. Turn the right way out. Stuff with soft-toy filling. Sew up the remaining side. Peach satin ribbon, £1 per m; thin peach ribbon, 42p per m; and the thread, from £1.33, macculloch-wallis.co.uk. Fabric, similar from 6 per m, johnlewis.com. Soft-toy filling, £4.49 per 250g, hobbycraft.co.uk. Gold wedding bands, from £149.51 hsamuel.co.uk


As seen in the January/February 2014 issue of Brides