Upgrade your flower girl's simple hairband into a floral masterpiece with a few strips of ribbon.

BRIDAL LINGO EXPLAINED Wind the ribbon tightly around your hairband and glue the ends to secure.

Take three contrasting strips of ribbon. Twist one into a figure of eight, then make a slightly smaller figure of eight with the next colour. Repeat with the final colour. Stick the three shapes on top of each other, with the largest at the bottom. Make three more of these; then glue them together in the centre to form a flower shape, as pictured.

Stick a fabric flower into the centre, then attach to the hairband.

RECEPTION THEMES YOU WILL ADORE Ribbon (on hairband), 99p per m; and thin ribbons, 65p per m, Lyndons Stitch & Beads, 020 7727 4357. Flower, £2.65 for 10, macculloch-wallis.co.uk. Hairband, 4 for three, accessorize.com. Glue gun, £10,hobbycraft.co.uk. Dress, from £ 46, monsoon.co.uk.


As seen in the January/February 2014 issue of Brides