The Best DIY Wedding Bouquet Youtube Tutorials

Whether you're wanting to save money or add a personal touch to your big day, making your own wedding bouquet has never been easier with these handy Youtube tutorials.

13 Jun 2018

No matter what level of flower arranging skills you might have, the task of making a wedding bouquet may seem daunting. But never fear. From easy beginner bouquets that could pass as professional, to advanced and complicated styles that look like works of art, the world of Youtube has a wedding flower tutorial to suit you. Below we've listed just some of our favourites to suit a range of wedding themes, budgets and skill levels.

How To: DIY Wedding Bouquets by Bride De Force

Fleur and her sister, Hannah, show us how to create a simple wedding bouquet using only one type of flower and two different types of greenery. For those who are looking for a classic bouquet, this design is ideal as it can save you a lot of money while appearing simple and elegant on your wedding day.
Skill level: Beginners
Top Tip: "Don’t be scared. Try them, if it doesn’t work, put them down and start again.”

Creating My First Wedding Bouquet by Garden Answer

Laura from Garden Answer has a Youtube channel dedicated to her garden. In this vlog-style video she shows us how to create a wedding bouquet, from the initial picking of flowers in her garden, to adding the final decorative ribbon. The bouquet she creates is made from a long list of flowers and foliage including graptoveria, succulents, roses, white fresurs and licorice vines (to name just a few). With the graptoveria as the focal piece, this bouquet is perfect for brides who are going for a rustic-themed wedding.
Skill level: Advanced
Top Tip: When picking the flowers, remove the leaves before putting it in water as they are poisonous.

How To Make A Royal Wedding Meghan Markle Style Wedding Bouquet by Flower Joos

If you loved Meghan’s simple arrangement from the Royal Wedding, this how-to video shows you how to recreate it using similar flowers that offer the same colour scheme. Their easy-to-follow step-by-step video means that as long as you can get your hands on the right plants, it shouldn’t be too hard to create your wedding bouquet from your own kitchen counter!
Skill level: Beginner to medium
Top Tip: The key to this bouquet is spray roses arranged symmetrically.

How To Make Your Own Classic and Romantic Wedding Bouquet by Makeful

This short video shows us how to make a simple, colourful bouquet using peonies, roses and eucalyptus. For brides who want their bouquet to be the focal point of their bridal look, this design is perfect.
Skill level: Medium to advanced

How To Make A Vintage Hand-Tied Bouquet by GreatBritishFlorist

Stacey from the GreatBritishFlorist creates a beautiful arrangement made with a variety of flowers including double-headed fresures, pink stocks, limonium, thistle, cornflowers and barley. During the video she focuses on the importance of textures and tones, showing us how they all of the flowers blend together to create a large and bohemian arrangement.
Skill level: Medium to advanced
Top Tip: “Get your flowers in order so that it’s easier to put together, and be sure to choose a focal point”.

Jane Packer Flowers For Weddings

Not a tutorial but a great watch for brides-to-be wanting to learn a bit more about wedding bouquets, the different styles available and general tips for creating your own bouquet.
Top tip: "Work tonally, instead of having a mass of different colours."