Why You Shouldn't Instagram Your Honeymoon

Picture the scene: you're finally on honeymoon. You're at the airport, boarding passes in hand. Or, maybe you're already on the bright white beach, selfie-ready in filmstar sunglasses. And what do you do? Take a snap, and post it on Instagram, of course! Or, maybe not...

Before getting snap-happy, it's worth thinking about who might just be watching with one eye on your social media account and another on the house you've left empty (and filled with wedding gifts) back in the UK. Increasingly, burglars are targeting the houses of those they know to be on holiday, and advertising your out-of-office status on social media does all the hard work for them.


In February 2016, footballer John Terry's house was burgled of over £400,000 worth of goods, including designer handbags, when thieves realised he was out of the country after he posted a picture online of his skiing holiday.

A survey by has revealed that British tourists are on high alert as a result of such robberies, with 67% of travellers now delaying posting anything on social media until their return. Given the recent rise in holiday burglaries, it's a smart move.


Of course, it's always worth asking a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property while away on honeymoon - and 73% of British couples do just that. But, what else can you do to maximise on security while away?

Invest in a safe. It can be secured to the structure of your house, and is far more secure than hiding prize possessions in drawers and cupboards.

Get a burglar alarm. They start at just £9.99, so there's no excuses.

Make sure everything is locked. Sounds simple, but how many times have you gone out with the bathroom window left open?

Install outdoor lighting with sensors. They act as a deterrant to anyone skirting around your home.

Refrain from posting on social media channels until you are home. You've got a lifetime to share your honeymoon memories, so keep it to yourselves for those precious two weeks!