Bridal Nail Couture

Nail Art is not a term you see a lot on this site, nor in the magazine, as I've rarely seen bridal designs that stand out as truly special.

Well stop right there Little Miss Judgmental Alice! These stunning creations from the DryBy salon in London are making me get down on my knees and bow "we are not worthy" Wayne's World-style.


The intricate, delicate and elegant designs are more 'couture' than art, and even the more complex look on the far left is still beautifully subtle. Have all ten digits for max impact or just one accent nail for a hint of creativity, and aim to have them done the morning of the wedding. They last a good week if you're careful, and if a bead falls off simply replace it using a pair of tweezers and a dot of clear nail polish as the 'glue'.


If you love experimenting with nail colours and decals and want a first-class upgrade for your wedding day, this is where to come.

From £21 for manicures; accent nails from £5 each;