If you love your wedding dress but know you won't wear it again as it is, why not consider dying it so that you can wear it to parties and other occasions? However, before you get going, look at our set of tips: 1. Don't try to do it yourself! Even if you feel like you know what you're doing it is almost always better to trust a professional. Visit a specialist dry cleaning service that you know and have complete confidence in and ask their advice first; this isn't the time to cut corners. 2. Many bridal boutiques have their own dye service so go back to where you bought your dress and see if they can do it for you, or at least recommend somewhere else that specialises in dying dresses like yours. 3. Make sure your dress has been dry cleaned before being dyed. Stains will affect the dying process and might even be emphasised in another colour. 4. Remember: not all dresses can be dyed, so it depends on the fabrics and embellishments of your specific gown. Whilst fabrics such as silk dye well, polyesters and lace are less permeable and will not take the colour. 5. Bear in mind that any beading or embellishment on your dress will remain white when dyed, so don't go ahead with it unless you want the contrasting look!