Best For: Serious toning The skinny: There is something a touch intimidating about walking into a never-tried-before exercise class - one where you have to lie down on a sort of moving bed (known as a reformer) with lots of ropes and weights attached to it. The potential for falling off seemed pretty high in lesson No 1 but - and this is the real beauty of this class - you can take everything at your own pace. There is no need to keep up with the others and there are several chances throughout each lesson to choose the easier resistance options. Much like regular Pilates, the dynamic version is designed to strength your core muscles and improve your posture - all good pre-wedding stuff. But it's also more of a full-body workout that aims to slim and tone fast. None of that comes without effort of course and the classes are intense. You will have to get into positions that your underworked muscles will not like but (in my experience anyway) you will feel the benefit quickly - after about four sessions I'd say. You'll start to hold yourself differently, making more of a conscious effort to suck everything in, it starts to come naturally after a while. Another major bonus is that this is an exercise where sweating is not essential. In other words, because it's not Cardio and you won't be jumping up and down for an hour, you can easily manage it in a lunch break without the need for a shower, full blow dry and make-up reapply before your boss notices you haven't been at your desk for the last two hours. And if it's convenient, we all know there is way more chance you will actually stick with it. The instructors at TenPilates are also a major draw. All seem dedicated to the cause and very helpful. Because classes are kept small (there was never more than eight people in any I attended) you will also benefit from plenty of one-on-one attention, so if you're not doing it right, you'll soon find out. Where: TenPilates How much: The more classes you book, the cheaper it gets. Individual one hour sessions are £27, but if you book a package of 30, it works out at £18.50 a session.