As we gear up for another fabulous wedding season and start planning for the spring edition of Brides The Show, we've been spending a lot of time discussing new trends - the ones we love and the ones we're hoping will disappear just as quickly as they arrived. Here's what's been up for debate at Brides HQ this month:


Is it ever OK to upgrade your engagement ring from the one he originally bought for you? More of you are it seems, so something's changing. A quick office straw poll reveled a quarter of the Brides team would.

Will us Brits follow the Americans' lead and start sending 'You're not invited' wedding cards explaining the reason the recipient didn't make it to the final invite list? Please, no!

Over half of couples now personalise elements of their wedding décor. Ask yourself, do your guests really want to see/read/eat/feel that much of you? Be honest!

How much will you spend on your wedding cake? As much as the cost of a small new car? Check out our exclusive new designs on page 144 and decide. We're all for cake, even if it's £62.50 a slice!

And when is a wedding cake not even a cake at all? How about when it's a loaf of bread or a jelly. We love!

The thorny subject of money and how open to be about it. If someone ask you how much you're spending on your wedding, would you (should you?) tell them? Er… that's their business, why?


Black diamonds, the slip-of-a-wedding dress, mixed metal engagement rings, bridal capes, trouser suits and crowns - which fashion hits will stand the test of time? We want them all.

Men reading Brides magazine. We know that you do, we've read your tweets!

Confidence with colour. Vera Wang, Ian Stuart and Claire Pettibone have all put our cold collections for the new season. Question is, will you be brave enough to wear it? We hope so!

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