I've done it! I've reached day 12! It's been a fascinating two weeks and I've learnt some particularly good lessons: 1. I'm really, really strong. I'm pushing mega weights and keeping a good rhythm throughout. Zana, Katherine and Jagir (who I've done most of my training with) keep saying how impressed they are and how well I'm training, and finally I believe them. 2. I don't need to eat three meals a day. If I'm not hungry and skip lunch or breakfast, it's not like I'm going to faint on the bus home, right? I have a plentiful supply of energy inside me. 3. Carbs really are the devil. Sorry, but they are. They're what raises your insulin levels and feed your muscles with empty energy - creating a vicious circle of excess glucose and hormonal imbalances. Cue mood swings, bloating, hunger pangs, sleepy slumps, heightened PMT, erratic sleep and grouchiness. No thank you. 4. You can't lose weight without exercising. I used to think that if I cut out a food group, like fats or carbs, I'd lose loads of weight, which sadly is not how life works. A strong, efficient body is what burns calories, even in a dormant state. After 12 days of muscle training my metabolism has increased therefore I'm burning 200 extra calories a day without even trying. So here I am sitting at my desk and I'm actually losing weight. In your face Dukan. I'm so happy I've agreed to stay on with Educogym. I love the convenient 15 minute sessions (despite Chair of Doom, pictured, and Squats of Doom) and it's the type of workout I like, i.e. quick, crazy, intense. Zana has tweaked my diet so that it's still high-protein but low fat, gradually introducing healthy sugars like acidic red fruit and the odd Ryvita here or there. On my new diet plan are fat-free yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese, lean fish and meats, coloured veg (I've really missed raw carrots!)… and cocoa powder too, with which I will be fashioning DIY chocolate yoghurts I'm sure. I don't know how my will power will cope with this but I'm up for giving it a go. And now, the moment I've been waiting for: my Day-12 measurements. As you know from my previous post, I was really hoping to lose a Maggot of Fat (it's Educogym's plastic replica that represents 5lbs). Well I lost it. And more! From Zana's extremely comprehensive measurements, percentages and calculations, in 12 days I have lost a total of 7.2lbs of fat and gained 2lbs of muscle. High five to me! That's a Maggot and a Half. I'm really proud of myself and it's spurred me on to stick to Zana's new diet for as long as I can. Here are my full results: - Fat lost: 7.2lbs - Muscle gained: 3lbs - Fat %: down 2% - Neck: down 6mm - Chest/back: down 5.1cm - Waist: down 4.5cm - Tummy: down 5.1cm - Legs: down 1.3cm I genuinely can't think of a more efficient and realistic way to lose weight. If you're looking for a big transformation before your wedding I'd suggest doing Educogym's 12-day plan about four months before the big day and continuing with their maintenance plan for two months afterwards. For a last-minute firm-up, do this the month before your wedding and keep going to the sessions 3-4 times a week afterwards. The best advice I can give if you're embarking on the 12-day programme is to cancel all your social engagements, get really organised and go for it 100% trying not to whinge too much - the results will be worth it. READ ABOUT DAY 10 & 11 OF THE 12 DAY CHALLENGE MORE ABOUT THE EDUCOGYM CHALLENGE FIND OUT WHAT'S NEW AND EXCITING IN THE WORLD OF BRIDAL TREATMENTS