Elemis Spa has launched a new treatment package perfect for every season's skin if you are looking for a 'brush-up and go', at The Athenaeum Hotel in Mayfair. Included in the session is a full body massage and body scrub to prepare the skin using the divine Ginger Salt Glow and Elemis Exotic Lime, followed by nourishing oils applied to the body and face. After the exfoliation the Elemis Glow Sun Self Tanning Treatment is applied - massaged into the skin with precision so that a few hours later a really gentle tan develops. To finish off the treatment a pedicure leaves the toes twinkling and ready for every big moment. While ideal for pre-holiday preparation, the resulting glow is subtle enough to have you looking healthy and polished (but not too tanned) for every special occasion, including your big day. From £60 -£100 for 2 people sharing the experience; www.athenaeumhotel.com THE WINTER TAN: DO OR DON'T? SEE THE LATEST FROM THE BEAUTY BLOG HAIR AND BEAUTY GALLERIES