Khloe Kardashian mislaid hers, Megan Fox reportedly lost hers - and if the response from our Twitter followers is anything to go by, they're not alone. Because, a third of women lose their engagement ring at some point in their life.* The top causes of rocks going astray? Gardening and washing up, closely followed by sparklers being thrown out with the rubbish. (The perfect excuse for passing on these chores from now on?) While the very thought of losing your most treasured piece of jewellery might be too much to bear, try to put the emotional stuff to one side for a moment and ask yourself: could I afford to replace it, should the worst happen? (The average engagement ring now tips £3,000, so for most people it would be pretty tough on the wallet.) The answer? Make sure yours is sufficiently insured - you may be able to add it to your home insurance contents policy or arrange cover when you buy the ring. * According to Allianz Insurance (