Choosing your engagement ring can be a daunting task. It is more than just a ring - and you (or your fiancé, if you are choosing it for her) will wear it every day for the rest of their life, so it has to be right.


On hand to help is British luxury jewellery designer Hattie Rickards - a favourite of Livia Firth, Poppy Delevigne, Pippa Middleton and of course, us!

Her sophisticated designs also have an ethical backbone - so you can be sure that your bespoke ring will be ethically sourced and made. We asked Hattie for her top five tips on how to choose an engagement ring:

1. Think about her style: Look to what your girlfriend loves in terms of her style and the jewellery she normally wears. Does she favour delicate and modern, rounded and chunky or classic pieces? Which colours does she mainly wear? Some girls prefer gold, others silver. This will give a good starting point.

2. There is help if you need it: You can enlist a trusted friend to subtly ask her or get opinions from relatives if you are comfortable doing so.


3. Don't be afraid of creating something: rather than just looking something that is already out there. Designing is fun! Its such a lovely, once in a lifetime, opportunity to be involved in designing something so special for your girl - enjoy it!

4. It takes time! You can always get something special for whatever budget you have if you put the time into finding or designing it - no one says you have to use enormous diamonds. This is a process which involves thorough work which involves time. Always allow a minimum of six weeks.

5. Remember the details: The ring is such a story in itself and it will be one she tells for a lifetime too, so it's the little details that count. The engraving, the thought behind each detail. The fact that you putting the care and time into something bespoke for her speak volumes in itself.

To see Hattie's rings visit her pop-up shop on LUX FIX, the online fashion shop for the best luxury buys (and members-only exclusives) around, throughout June.


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